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Your purchases support the "Nate Max Tv" and "Innate-Awareness" global movement and helps us to keep empowering humans. 

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    High Grade "Hemp* Oil Tincture"


    Price Range $70-450*
    Depending On Type & Size. 15-50 Mills
    Full plant extract, CBD , CBDA+THC & High T, RSO
    Concentrate THC Blend 4:1 options, Fully Bio Dynamic,
    cold press, Australian Grown, liposomal encapsulated Infused with Scalar Frequences in a Miltary Grade EES
    True Bio Scalar Machine

    We can connect you with people who can assist you with your hemp*  inquires & needs (We DO NOT Supply)

    Contact Us below & we can help you to get connected with your medicine. You can "donate" to our charity we can help organise your delivery.

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