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This fine highly extracted botanical powder is comprised of (29) twenty-nine all natural, carefully selected herbs that are refined using our renowned water based extraction process. you may go to the website to see how each herb may be of interest to you personally. Each herbs is extracted at a *powerful 30 to 1 ratio. 1 Tripterygium (Thunder God Vine) 2 Artemisia absinthium 30:3 Mullein 4 Wasabi 5 Oregano 6 Clove 7 Thyme 8 Magnolia 9 Berberin 10 Milk Thistle Extract 11 White Aacrylodes 12 Tangerine Peal 13 Japanese dogwood 14 Weeping Willow 15 Neem 16 Fern 17 Lavendar 18 Horsetails 19 Sweet lime peel 20 Honeysuckle 21 Cabin patchuli 22 Rhizoma Acori Tartinowii' 23 Forsthai 24 Ivy 25 Red Date 26 Radix Saposhnikoviae 27 Giant Bamboo 28 Manjistha 29 Astragalus

This is your anti-fungal, anti Parasitic, anti-Mould, anti Viral immune-boosting super blend there is NOTHING on the market that compares to this product. 

Thunder God Flawless Defence

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