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Water purification, simply put 1 mill per litre of your water and it creates beautiful clean, clear stable water. Its helps neutraliuze contaminates and other bacteria. Very handy for travellers or when your on the run. I use this Every day even though I have spring water. 

Water PurificationWater and Oxygen are essential to all life forms. Yet, water is seriously contaminated and the oxygenlevels in today’s environment have been depletedWhat is in Your Drinking Water?Are You?Sick of buying bottled waterConcerned about impurities, bacteria and virusesTired and fatiguedAware that chlorinated water suffocates and destroys the friendly bacteria in the body** OXYGEN TREATS THE CAUSE NOT THE SYMPTOMS **Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize Laureate says “Sub optimal oxygenation of tissues and cells seen in cellularhypoxia, is not only the underlying cause of cancer but results in predisposition towards degenerativedisease and is an outstanding factor in immunosuppressive illness. Therefore, it follows that OXYGENwill restore health”.

Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen are made with a base of puredistilled and energized water creating a natural safe stabilisedoxygen, loaded with energetic dissolved oxygen that can be used inany environment. STABILISEDELECTROLYTES OFOXYGEN (SEO) SEO has a pH of 9-10.5 when diluted in water. The pH is loweredrapidly to 7- 8pH. This lowering of the pH in water causes theseparation of chlorite ions and oxygen molecules from the sodiumatoms. By this action the molecules destroy micro organisms inwater, making it the fastest water purifier that you can carryCreated with a base of pureenergised water andcombined elements ofSodium .After ingestion, the stomach acid generates more oxygen that ismolecular, chlorite ions, and minute quantities of chlorine dioxide.This process produces very large quantities of energetic dissolvedoxygen to be absorbed into the bloodstream with specific oxide’sof chlorite and chlorine dioxide destroying viruses, bacteria andprotozoa.In the bloodstream loaded with oxygen molecules, the pH takesan upwards swing by homeostasis, changing the chlorine dioxideback to the chlorite ion. SEO has a full life that scavenges freeradicals ... making it the best option for oxygen therapies.

What are some of the benefits of Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen~Stabilised Electrolytes of Oxygen (SEO) is not classified as a drug and therefore, should notbe prescribed as a cure for any health problems. However, increased oxygenation could havethe following beneficial results:~Super effective killer of microbes such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungus and parasiticorganisms, salmonella, cholera, E coli, streptococcus, pseudomonas and staphylococcusaurous~Water Purification (will kill bacterium in approximately 30 seconds as well as remove chlorineand other contaminants) Add 5 drops per 250ml glass of waterFor info-(02) 81971662 Detoxification and Cleansing (protect against bacteria and disease organisms)~Promote increase in Energy Levels (athletes taking SEO report increased stamina andperformance)Assists in the penetration of creams and/or oils into the skin (moisturisers, massage oil)UI se with toothpaste to help control mouth infections (use diluted spray on your toothbrush)Increased oxygenation to the lungs that may assist smokers in their stop smokingprogramme.Treatment of Candida Albicans and Giardia and other single cell parasites (may take 3-4months)Reported benefits and although not scientific include many such as reduced blood pressure,disappearing varicose veins, improved diabetic conditions, diarrhoea, improved digestion.May help alleviate conditions such as sinus, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, cold sores,asthma, colds, flu.Co bat bacteria, microorganisms in storage and food preparation areas. mPlease Note the following: The information contained in this handout is not to be considered asmedical advice, diagnosis or prescriptive in any manner whatsoever. Always seek the advicefrom your informed medical professional.The world renowned medical microbiologist, Dr James D. Berg, Ph. D., while at Stanford University, supports therworks of Dr. L.P. Hagar at the University of Illinois, “saying that oxygen stabilised in this unique way produceschlorite and chlorine dioxide, which are known to be anti-inflammatory agents. SEO involves the utilisationof chlorite by cells, particula rly myeloperoxidase in the leukocytes, as a substrate to increase the efficiency ofthe enzymes group known as peroxidases and chloroperoxidase. These enzymes are important in the immunessystem, thus they may be directly enhanced by the increased rate of oxidation of foreign material by thelleukocytes

It is well known that Oxygen is a cleanser, and a source of energy to every cell in our body. It destroys bacteria and viruses as well as provides numerous other life giving benefits. To understand the real value of oxygen , one must understand the effect of oxygen on each type of bacteria. There are innumerable bacteria represented in each type. Aerobic bacteria are the friendly bacteria - the beneficial bacteria of the soil, the earth, the water, the food, and the body. Aerobic bacteria are the normal flora of the body and cannot survive without the presence of oxygen. Anaerobic bacteria are the disease, infectious, putrefying and contamination bacteria of the earth in water, food and in the body. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. However, there are anaerobic bacteria which can live in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, but they are not disease and infectious bacteria. They could be part of the normal flora of the skin and of the bowel. Oxygen deficiency, or oxygen starvation, can be the single greatest cause of disease. Oxygen plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the immune system. It is the source of life and energy to all cells. Bodily abuse through eating and drinking habits including pollutants and toxic preservative in our water and food, air pollution, use of drugs and lack of exercise can greatly reduce the amount of oxygen available to the cells. When there is insufficient oxygen to support the health of a cell, the cell turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation. This is an undesirable source of energy which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak. They lose their natural immune ability. They open their doors to the invasion of viruses, for a virus can only develop within a cell. Thus development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system. Naclo Product Benefits Product application There are many applications for the use of stabilized oxygen , including: Purification of potable water.. .20 drops per gallon. Purification of questionable water.. .12 drops/8 ounce serving (mountain streams and in Third World countries). Water storage... 10 drops per gallon.

Nano Oxygen Stabalized (water purification)

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