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Super high ph 14.5 this is a great product to ass to your heavy metal chelation protocol helps assist transports the metals out of the body

Silica Skin Hair and Nails

Activated Silica's is one of the FASTEST WAYS to alkalise water Plus it's a great source of natural silica.

Grasses of Life Activated Silica is Proprietary Dietary Silica - Designed for Fast Absorption. Typically most silicates are known to be poorly absorbed by the human body. 

  • Activated Silica has a pH of 13.7 making it highly Alkaline – Just add a few drops to a glass to water to alter the pH from acidic to highly alkaline in seconds (always use as directed, diluted in water). 
  • Over 300 servings per bottle (based on recommended serving suggestion)
  • A source of silica for hair, skin and nails. 

Silica Research:

  • Silica is also known to help displace Heavy Metals such as Aluminum (Belles, M., et al 1998)
  • Silica is known to help support healthy skin, hair and nails. (Calomme, M. R., et al. 1997, Barel, A., et al 2005)

We make no claims of cure for disease or specific conditions, minerals are an essential part of a well balanced diet. Silica is well researched and considered to be of benefit to many natural body functions and biochemical processes of the human body. Always see your health professional before making health decisions. Use only as directed. 

Activated Silica

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