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Some Pictures of The Many Birds Tribe in action Creating & Preparing The Sacred Lodge

The Sacred Sweat Lodge (Amacheekee / Inipi)

A Sweat Lodge is a sacred purification ceremony. Traditionally the sweat is for prayer and healing. "Wind" Our shaman is a 72nd generation Navajo (Nav-a-ho) American Indian he has performed many thousands of Lodges he is our mentor and guide on this journey and connects us safely to the spirit world. 

Allowing the participants access to these other realms were the elemental earth spirits reside.

Lodge is a profound experience, not only is it a physical and spiritual detox but its a process where walls and barriers to the unseen world are broken, prayers are heard and dreams are co-created with the help of mother earth, the universe and divine love.

Sweat lodges re connect us to our hearts and the earth, its a purging of old ways and resetting of our innate systems.  Every step of the ceremony is done sacredly like cleansing before entering lodge,  the making of the fire, setting up the lodge, the water pouring, bringing the rocks into lodge, the prayers, even how you enter and leave lodge and so much more. It gives us westerners a look into what sacred truly means.

We grew up with out mentors and elders in our lives this process pulls on the hearth strings and really brings us back to the essence of who we really are.

Sweat Lodges truly are an incredible experience.
"Nate Max"


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