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This is a foundational health product, something that you should be taking every day for optimal health, its the full spectrum of minerals nutrient, pree and pro biotics and digestive enzymes This is the perfect blend to start your day and Break your fast. Getting the correct meal into when your breaking your fast is imperative to good health. Since I started using this product I have noticed so many positive changes, including my gut biom shifting & the taste in my mouth has become sweeter, im sleeping better and have more mental clarity, focus ad energy. Im very impressed with Puratae & also every time you buy the blend 10 meals are donated to kids in need so this is a very integral company. I give it the Nate Max tick of approval. Its also a great product to become a brand partner and on sell this product to friends and family. It literally sells its self due to the results and its delicious flavor.

* 60 High-quality ingredients
* 14 products in one "Super Foods"
 *Every Serve has 10 Grams of vegetable-based protein 
* Equivalent of 12 serves of fruits and vegetables 
* All of the macro & Micro Nutrients
* Multivitamin & Anti Oxidant support
* Digestive Enzyme blend of pree and probiotics
* 100% allergen free
* All natural formula
* NO gluten soy dairy or nuts
* Tastes Great
* Supports detox & liver function

To order simply click below for dbig discounts..

Puratae "Super Food Blend"

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