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The Hydrogen Technologies, Molecular Hydrogen/Oxygen Generators and Nanobubble Infusion Pumps are the highest quality electrolysis machines on the market today. The machine allows the user to maximize the vast majority of the benefits that molecular hydrogen can offer across such a broad range of applications. 

Our patented generator design allows small and large-scale users to utilize molecular hydrogen gas for a multitude of industries all via comprehensive, integratable devices that will enable the user to scale to their specific requirements. These generators will allow the user to produce at a safe 2-4% hydrogen to air mixture, enrich water or apply topically. Further development at our factory will see a new release in the very near future and will allow for even more access to this life changing technology. Watch this space.


It can be highly portable, is easily maintained and made from only the highest quality materials available. Stainless steel is used extensively throughout these machines as we believe that the use of inferior plastics and polycarbonates will have a detrimental effect on the living organism. We do not take short cuts and will not compromise our customers at any cost. 

Our system produces as pure as possible a gas of hydrogen and oxygen and we have taken the utmost care to eliminate any possible contamination potential. The large, 15 plate electrolysis cell and tank capacities, allow for the efficient production of quality of gas at a low electrical demand and low operating temperature. This allows the generator to produce a full 1800+ liters of gas per liter of water used, eliminating the potential of water vapour or steam being produced and ultimately being consumed by the user. The cooler the machine can operate at, the higher the quality of the gas produced, and the increased life span of the generator and components within it.

Hydrogen Technologies are endeavoring to set the benchmark for industry approved standards and are keen to work with industry leaders to do so. We believe that the hydrogen/oxygen combination of gas delivery to the aerobic organism is by far the greatest biological breakthrough in history thus far and we not only want to make this supplement available to all industries that need it, but also to keep it simple, robust, safe and as pure as we can. The machines are hand made in Australia and stringently tested on site before dispatch to ensure integrity and function. Used as directed and maintained at the recommended service schedule, our machines are expected to last well beyond 10 years. 

TECHNICAL & PERFORMANCE Constructed from Stainless Steel – Components = 316L Body = 316Productivity 100ml – 800ml per minuteRecommended use 400ml – 600ml per minuteGAS Production Hydrogen – 66.6% Oxygen – 33.3%Cell operating temperature 35-40 degrees CelsiusAC Power Supply 220 – 240V & 110V 50-60HzWeight 28kgDimensions H=700mm W=300 D=250mmTimer for remote operation (eg, Hydroponic or Aquaculture applications)Volume/Flow control INCLUSIONS1 x Quick release dedicated line (1.5M)1 x Quick release dedicated water infusion line1 x 2-micron stainless steel diffuser2 x measured electrolyte mixes.

This machine produces 66.6% hydrogen gas and 33.3% oxygen gas by splitting the water molecules of distilled or demineralised water. This then allows the user to utilise the gas however they choose or is convenient at the time. Only ever use distilled or demineralised water in this machine. Pure Water In = Pure Gas Out. To begin using this machine you will need approximately 5 litres (or 1 gallon) of distilled or demineralised water to fill and prepare the machine for use. Further information available in the maintenance section of this website.We can provide solutions for both large and small-scale water enrichment using nano-bubble gas infusion technologies for uses across a multitude of industries and applications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to determine the best possible solution. Hydrogen Technologies are able to custom make a solution for your industry or use with applications available for……Animal care and treatmentAquaculture by means of water enrichment and food enrichment. Aquaponics & Hydroponics Agriculture & Irrigation Food Preparation CAUTIONWhen comparing the Hydrogen Technologies product against a competitor product, please do your very best to stay away from plastics and polycarbonates as we believe that they will deteriorate over time and contaminate the living system of the intended receiver. We understand that the molecular hydrogen industry is in its infancy at present, and that machines are being invented to enable access to consumers through many different markets. However, we believe that inappropriately small electrolysis cells combined with plastic and polycarbonate components (which will degrade and contaminate the system over time), high electrical demand (to produce the gas volume required), resulting in high operating temperatures (producing water vapour and condensation), all with the intention of being ingested by the biological system of the intended application recipient (including contamination potentials) and in turn be transported throughout the entire body of that intended organism, is not good practice and should be researched thoroughly. Due to the delivery methods associated with this technology, manufacturing quality needs to be considered with minimum standards acknowledged by industry leaders.

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Molecular Hydrogen Machine

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