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50mls Full-spectrum Liposomal Encapsulated.


This is the best CBD I have ever come across yet. We have been working with this amazing plant for over 10 years and this is by far the best product available.

Structured rainwater and spring water only, heirloom seeds, oil infusion MCT oil, outdoors grown in amazing soil, then sits in a military-grade scalar machine and infused with scalar frequencies.

Every man, woman, dog and cat should be using CBD. The endocannabinoid system sits at the top of the pyramid in the body for healing and down-regulates every other healing modality in the body.


There is nothing that compares to CBD for full-body healing, it also works on the nonphysical level awakening layers. We have hundreds and hundreds of life-changing testimonials.

Any questions fill out the form below the shop and we can talk there, or for testers!!

CBD+T Blend EES Scalar Enhanced

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