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Welcome To Innate Awareness



"The Inner Smart body of the human being, the knowing without thinking,
the feeling without touching, that inner teacher we ALL have inside"

Thank you for joining us here at Innate awareness. This platform and global movement
is dedicated to the awakening of humans to their true multidimensional selves. The focus is on Sovereign health, Sustainable living, Upgrading the Spiritual body,  Free Energy and the restoration  (mother earth our home). 
Creating unity amongst all humans. We are in a time with more disease and sickness than ever in recorded history, people can't make good decisions if their mind is swimming in a sea of toxic soup. So we are very health focused but we want to teach people how to heal themselves rather than relying on the dead and dying system currently in place.
This platform delivers real up to date truth news and health information each day that empowers us to be the best version of ourselves. The world is shifting and each person has a crucial specific role to play, if we want change abroad we need to be the change we wish to see in others and embody our deepest truths.  














Our aim is to empower those who are ready to take their journey to the next level with a life path of Sovereign Health, Alchemy, Spirit, Faith, Truth, Focus, Intention and Accountability

This involves on a physical level understand "food is thy medicine" and immediately re-configure the way we eat, breathe, think and live.
We want to become self aware and identifying those things which trigger us, old programs and manipulation or interference which can happen during our childhood & becomes embedded in our DNA. This Trauma needs to be released or it manifests into disharmony in our lives.

"To heal Thy Self One must Know Thy Self."


Once the matrix glasses come off and the veil starts to lift there is no going back. In fact, life becomes a beautiful playground of endless possibilities which together we can explore. The key is learning to navigate these programs and learning the most effective way to dance among the chaos while working together for a better future "working in symbiosis with earth mother."


There is much occult knowledge which has been hidden from the human family by the builder races. Now through multidimensional means, we are decoding this information which will reshape our reality & the way we live.


Those people which discover and embody this knowledge really are:

"The Cornerstones Of A New Earth"


Re-Conection To You
November 7 Day Retreat 2019

Nate Max Live At The 2018 Paradigm Shift "True Activism In The 21st Century"

Welcome To 2018 It's Time To Break Free From The Mind Slavery

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"Nate Max"