The word 'Bio' refers to the human body, and 'Regenesis' literally means re-creation.

Contrary to the past paradigm that we are 'stuck' with our genetic inheritance; modern science is discovering that our genetic structure is more fluid than we once thought.


What we are coming to understand is that we can significantly influence the expression of our DNA to remodel our bodies into ever-higher levels of function and performance; we can re-create our body!


Socially we are generally aware that by simply exercising and eating healthy food we can have a big impact on the health and function of the body and mind. A knowledge that is less commonly known is that our DNA responds to ALL forms of energy in our environment but particularly, and most directly; our internal environment.


That is to say, that our thoughts and feelings affect the expression of our DNA far more significantly than were ever thought possible. We might consider, that just by eating more healthy food, we can change the circulating energy in our body sufficiently to lose a lot of weight in a short space of time.


Food we are only ingesting some of the time, however; we are thinking and feeling ALL of the time and this action of the mind immediately impacts our body physiology and thereby; internal biochemical environment; that which constantly surrounds our DNA.


Furthermore, studies in the fields of wave-genetics and and have a powerful effect on the expression of the DNA. To manage our health and bodily function most effectively therefore, we should consider and apply ourselves not only in terms of diet and exercise but in terms of our thoughts, feelings, language and use of subtle energy sources such as light and vibration.opto-genetics are beginning to reveal that sound and light waves c


Although contemporary science is only just bringing us to these realisations, Yoga Masters have been telling us this truth for millennia. By considering and applying themselves on all levels of energetic manifestation and mind, Yoga Masters have been known to live much longer than ordinary humans; even for hundreds of years!


If we can glean even a small part of what they have learned about rejuvenation, age reversal and longevity of vitality we may benefit hugely in our lives through increased health and performance throughout a far more meaningful life experience.


We apply this timeless knowledge in our workshops, events and retreats…

"Jake Sole" 
Chi Energy Master


How Does DNA Activation Actually Take Place?

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