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Tongkat Ali is by far the most stongest natural herb that increases testosterone and lowers stress hormones .It increases vital and sexual energy and at the same time it is not stimulant but adaptogen. The white tongkat ali is the strongest and it is very bitter in taste when you boil it as a tea, when you make strong tea it is even difficult for some to drink it because it is so bitter.

The bitterness comes from the main ingredient which is eurycomanones. There is a lot of research about it. Traditionally used to increase the power of immune system as well, in Indonesia they use it also when someone get sick and they heal faster. 

Tongkat does not make you high, but in 2-3 days usually, everyone can feel when the vital energy gets stronger and testosterone higher, and then it just still increases day by day…Almost everyone is lacking testosterone and tongkat ali might be the most strongest natural testosterone booster, many body builders say that it feels the same like pure testosterone injections.

I did tongkat ali personally 3 or 4 times about 1-3 months daily and it was really powerful usually, drive and motivation becomes very strong, and sexual energy also, then it is up to us that how we use that sexual energy, do we channel it into other creative and constructive and repairing processes or use it with someone… It have been saving many marriages and relationships 😃

The second last time I did 3 months Tongkat ali my wife got pregnant and we got our boy😃I think Tongkat is another the most bitter thing in the nature. Eurycomanoids the active effective ingredients are super bitter that gives the power

One tablespoon or about 10g a day is good dose for tongkat ali.

And yeah it is VERY bitter!

I use it in a traditional way and boil tea from it.

1 bigger tablespoon of powder, 500ml water, bring it to boil and let it boil for 5min very softly slowly, under the lid, then put fire off and wait 15min.

The powder will go down if you not mix it and you can pour it slowly to glass so the powder is not mixed, or can filter it with coffee filter for example.

Then drink that in two parts, for example 200ml in the morning-day time and 200ml afternoon-evening time. Can mix some honey if want but it does not help much, I just drink it one shot 😂


Tongkat Ali (Most Powerful Natural Testosterone Booster)

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