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The Health Benefits from Using and Drinking Structured Water:

  • Water is alive and full of photonic energy
  • Instantly softer, smoother drinking water
  • Hydrates you faster
  • More bioavailable oxygen
  • Reduced toxic effects
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Beautiful showers & baths excellent for skin and hair
  • Open up any tap instant structured water
  • Last a lifetime good for the environment
  • No filters to ever replace - 100% Maintenance Free

This is the best solution for residential applications and rental properties, as it converts every drop of tap water coming into your house into the life-enhancing Structured Water. You'll experience softer, healthier water through every faucet/tap throughout your home, including your kitchen, shower, dishwasher, washing machine and garden taps as they will all flow with structured water.

Note: Plumber can make it fit into every household and special (3/4″/191 mm) connectors for Australian households are included.

Specifications for the Whole House Unit

Length: Varies by country but for Australia 18.5″ / 469mm

Diameter: 2.5″ / 65 mm

Australia pipe sizes: 3/4″ / 191 mm (always fit)

Weight: Varies depending on connector type. Approx. 2.6 lbs. / 1.18 kilogram.

Nice to know

Bathing in structured water is very nurturing to the body.

To quench your thirst and increase your energy, fill up your water containers before you head out to yoga or your next workout.

Wash and soak your vegetables and fruits in structured water helps to energise and hydrate them. Pleasantly improves flavours and taste.

Use Structured Water for cooking and baking to create a healthier version of your favourite treats.

Water your plants and gardens with Super Healthy Water and watch them thrive and flourish.

If you've been experiencing hard water throughout your home, this Whole House Unit will soften all your water. Significantly less or no calcium build up of your shower head, kettle, dishwasher or washing machine! Significantly less or no calcium build up in your wine glasses or any other glassware like shower screens and mirrors.

4th Phase Whole House Unit

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