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Hey guys this is my original system I sold for over 15 Years, this system was hand-picked and is not like the other cheap ones on the internet. The filters are from Korea and the entire system is BPA free.

Coupled with the LIFE FX drops this systrem produces fully structured, mineralized water free from all harmful chemicals including fluoride , heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria. It also structures the water pushing it into the 4th phase of water structured "easy water" or H302.  It also adds between 70 and 120 essential trace minerals. This mineral composition comes from specially mined biotite therm rocks. There is no other substance on earth that does this alchemical process. The minerals are magnetics and the contaminates clump together through magnetism and then drop to the bottom are are rendered inert. (note in the pics the brown sludge) thats whats in your drinking water..

This is great for adding structure and minerals to other water systems or for camping and turning dirty water into pristine drinking water.

Simply add 1 mill per litre or 2 mill for very dirty water, let it sit for 24-48 hours then run it through the filter this will be some of the best-tasting water you have ever tried.


Structured Water System Portable

$550.00 Regular Price
$412.50Sale Price
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