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Powerful Ocean minerals to add to your drinking water as specially if you are using a filter, reverse osmosis or ionizers. These things strip the minerals and the human body relies on minerals, its the spark plugs of life. These minerals are very powerful and immediately I notice the difference even my skin gets darker when i have not been using them for a while and start.

Colloidal Sea Minerals ConcentrateHow are these Colloidal Sea Minerals ProducedOrganic liquid mineral and trace element supplement is produced via a lengthy process ofevaporation and concentration of vast volumes of ocean water on the Australian coastline. During the process of evaporation all the sodium chloride is removed (along with some gypsumand dolomite) and the residual product, representing less than 1% of the original volume is theend product. The end product is exceedingly rich in magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Did you Know ?bSome vitamins can only be made available to the body if minerals are present to work with.bVitamins alone have been found completely ineffective in the absence of minerals.bSulphur is responsible for a smooth complexion, glossy hair and a youthful appearance.bCalcium is essential for good muscle tone, for nerve function as well as strong bones and teeth.bZinc is essential for sexual health, cell division, cell repair and growth.bSilicon is responsible for keeping the skin firm, the body filled with vitality, the eyes bright.bPhosphorus found in the structure of the nucleus of every body cell is necessary for good teeth andbone structure and brain tissue.bA selenium deficiency is associated with heart disease. Research shows a reduced risk of cancerwith a high selenium food supply.bBoron is necessary for prevention of loss of minerals from the bones and suppression ofosteoporosis.bCopper helps the body absorb and use iron to synthesise haemoglobin and plays a part in thecontrol of cholesterol. It also utilises iron and is necessary in the body for the prevention ofanaemia.These few examples are just an illustration of the importance of Colloidal Minerals. The presence of both majorand trace minerals are essential to overall good health.How to Take Colloidal Sea Minerals ConcentrateADULTS: 10-15 drops diluted in strong fruit juice or water (may slowly increase up to 1 teaspoon).CHILDREN: 5 drops diluted in strong fruit juice.Healing Properties: Take just before going to sleep. For energy: Take anytime.

Colloidal Ocean Minerals

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