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The 50mL size is perfect for your handbag, gym bag, briefcase or backpack so that you always have access to living loving water as you go about your day. Whether at a cafe, workplace or on the run with a takeaway, the 50mL On-The-Go Size is a perfect companion to enhance the frequency of your coffee, tea, or beverage. High-frequency, ultra-pure, ultra-hydrating living loving water that goes where you do!INGREDIENTSDistilled Water…………………. 97.5%Ionic, Crystalline Minerals……… 2.5%

Hey guys this is the new (Auro Gold) which I used to sell with shayne benattar (connecting consciousness) but an Australian-owned and-run label. This is the magical product that structures your water, removes contaminants, pushes the water into the 4th phase also adding between 72-110 trace minerals there is no other product on earth that does what this does. A truly incredible product and something that everyone should be using. You need to check out the video below to understand how this works. Check out my interview below with Nissim , same product different label like i said above..My full interview below

Full interview below

Life Fx 50 Mill

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