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Ok guys we have the new tablets in stock "for your pets" bla bla you know the drill . These are 5g tablets (1 tablet = 5mg)  there is 50 in each pack works out to be a few $ per tab So you can hit it when getting sick then again after as a parasite cleanse.This a much more powerful dosage then the previous horse paste, better value as well. These will come un labeled any questions message me. Basically the way to use it is when is needed, as early as possible, this means when someone starts to get sick.

And the other thing is to do a parasite cleanse 5-7 days. Easy directions below

Suggested usage:

INFECTION PREVENTION 2-5mg / 12kg 2x a week. mon /Thurs

EARLY INFECTION TREATMENT 5mg / 12kg once a day for 1-7 days.

POST EXPOSURE INFECTION PREVENTION 5mg / 12kg, repeat once after 48 hours.

PARASITE CLEANSE 5mg / 12kg of body weight once a day for 5-11 days

Infection prevention and post-exposure means also about SHEDDING...


There are so many fake Iver tablets circulating atm guys be wary, I have purchased so many from different places and the majority of the cheap ones are nothing fillers.

These will come in unlabeled packages due to how they were made!!

Iver 50 tabs

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