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The Health Benefits from Using and Drinking Structured Water:

  • Water is alive and full of photonic energy
  • Instantly softer, smoother drinking water
  • Hydrates you faster
  • More bioavailable oxygen
  • Reduced toxic effects
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Instantly creates "Structured Water" on the go fast
  • Travel, weekend away, hiking, café, sport, yoga
  • Last a lifetime good for the environment
  • No filters to ever replace - 100% Maintenance Free

    Pushes water in the EZ zone exclusion zone or structured water 4th phase

This Portable Structured Water Unit is the easiest way to Structure Water on the go or at home. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into a glass, drinking bottle, jug or any type of container to get the health and wellness benefits that come from using and drinking Structured Water.

Features of this revolutionary portable Structured Water unit

A sleek design, emblem, which is made in the U.S.A

The canister and interior flow-form is made from ‘Water Mark’ grade plastic and is easy to clean and maintain.

It is practically indestructible.

Lightweight, making it easy to carry when you are out and about, traveling or on the go. Fits into backpacks, purses, luggage, lunch-boxes, and more.

It drains easily from either end and can be stored with either end up. This unit is also dishwasher safe.

Specifications for the Portable USA White Structured Water Unit

Length: 7.5″ / 19.05 Cm

Diameter: 2.5″ / 6.35 cm

Weight: 9.5 ounces / 0.27 kilogram

Liquid Volume Capacity: 5 ounces / 150 ML

Nice to know

Small enough to be taken to a yoga studio or the gym to fill up your bottle of water.

Being on the go and having the ability to structure any source water wherever you are.

Structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, orange, etc) by adding structured water to it.

Hot water can be poured through it.

Australian WaterMark StandardOur products are Standard Approved & Certified to WaterMark Certification

4th Phase Structured Water Portable

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