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Reverse Osmosis + Alkaline unit  + Natural Action Technologie Structured Water device
This Medical Grade Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration system Is the exact same as the ones that I use in my house and motorhome. It has the capability to Desalinate sea water and turn swamp water into pure drinking water.  It also can be made portable so you can remove it from your house if you are renting or want to take it on holidays or preparing for a system collapse.  This pack comes with Auro Minerals 1 litre the gold standard in Water Purification to remineralise and Structure your water pushing it into the 4th Phase.

This system removes 99.9999% of All contaminates from any water. Including things like BPA, Fluoride, Chlorine, Bacteria, viruses, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, Nano Particulates and much more. The system comes complete with " A Scared Knowledge Energy Tools" Tap Rings which help structure the water This is Wilhelm Reich / Slim Spurling Technology. 


When you have an R.O system you will never need to worry about what you are drinking ever again, it takes the guesswork out of your water situation. Our water is filthy today with added chemicals that are designed to make us sick. water is the most simple thing we need to get right so we can  pinnacle health in our lives "water is life"  If you want to get into proper true health YOU MUST start with your water, its the most basic essential to get that right, you cannot be throwing toxic tap water into your body every day and expect to get healthy.

This pack Comes with a 1 Litre Bottle Of Auro Minerals The Gold Standard In Water Purification, this product is added after your waters have been filtered to remineralise and structure your water H302 which is the same water that exists in the cells of your body so we are replicating this water. Structured water is %87 more absorbable and helps the body to rebalance its self and eliminate waste. The human body has to turn H20 into H302 so when you put H302 into your body from the beginning you are saving lots of energy. Structures water energetically neutralises all the contaminates and turns the water into the micro-clustered water which the body can assimilate.

The only water that is safe to drink needs to be the first run through one of 3 things:
Reverse Osmosis (Then structured)
A distiller (then structured)
Treated with Auro Minerals

But then needs to be re mineralised and Re structured.

Reverse osmosis or distilled water is the equivalent of Nature Rainwater (without contaminates) The sun vaporises the water as is it goes through the water cycles from Precipitation / evaporation up into the sky to return to precipitation.

This System has an optional CUSTOM alkaline cartridge option which no other company uses. Which is safe and natural. Many companies use chemicals which are not good for human health to alkaline their products, in fact, they don't even know what chemicals or the process which is being used inside the filters to create the alkaline water which is scary.

I previously only used a basic water filter for my motorhome due to the fact I collected rainwater, but now with all the heavy spraying going on in every united nation country on earth from the Weather Modification programs, I Use Reverse Osmosis on everything I do not take any chances. I don't even trust spring water anymore.  There is so much Fracking and pollution happening all over the planet now it's just not worth the risk.  "Clean your water properly then add your minerals to the water"

Forget these Expensive alkaline and ionizer machines which charge $6K for water which does not even pull out all the contaminants, this means you are left with electrocuted mutated Heavy metals and other hyper electrocuted chemicals. Nowhere in nature does water get pounded with electricity to create alkaline water. It also destroys the frequency in the water leaving you with water which put your body into a state of degeneration. These ionizer machines only keep the water structured for 24 hours, true structured water stays that way for years "see video" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r_aS1Zk2V0&t=1970s

I use the reverse osmosis first then I put my water into glass bottles and add Auro minerals to restructure and remineralise the water for the most pristine structured 4th phase drinking water on earth.

This price includes installation by a trusted Innate-Awareness technician who has been in the water filtration game for over 27 years and working closely with me for 6 years, he is very good at what he does and will do a neat installation for you in your home. The system comes with A tank, water faucet, 5 stage system with Custom Alkaline unit, Australia Standards and high-quality fittings.

Free Installation for customers around Sydney stretching south to Wollongong & North as far as the Hawkesbury river. You must contact us if you live further away than that!

My technician will service your system once every year for around $300 so this is a very low-cost maintenance machine and of the very best quality.

Any questions please feel free to ask

H302 Water Purification Package


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