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Detroit "1922 Model" Plug In Electric Car

Tesla electric cars / Batteries the latest Green Revolution Fraud, nothing but a circus no real green attributes. An electric car that can go over 200 miles on a single charge? What modern day miracle is this? Well what if we told you that this modern day miracle is over 100 years old? How about a plug in electric car from the early 1900's? In 1914 a Detroit Electric went 241 miles on a single charge setting a new record!

Does this surprise you? Did you think electric cars are something new? Did you know that it is reported that in the early 1900's there were more electric cars on the road than gasoline-powered explosion cars as they were called. "There are hundreds of explosions going on every minute in that gas engine, what if one of them goes wrong? Truth be told the numbers are skewed due to a large number of electric taxies but the fact that electric cars existed as far back as the 1800's. In fact the first gas-electric hybrid was released by Woods Motor Vehicle Company way back in 1911. In 2012 Toyota was advertising "regenerative braking", regenerative braking was first used as early as 1898 in Krieger cars.

Interesting note: The expression that someone is "cranky" comes from trying to start a crank car with out much success. When it would not start it was being cranky!

There were of course other factors in the demise of the electric car. The price of a Detroit Electric in 1914 was about $2,650 and if you wanted to upgrade to the Edison Nickel Iron batteries that went up about $600. At the same time you could buy 2 new model T's for that same $600.

History is not what you thought, the fossil fuel industry has been suppressing free energy devices for over 150 years, there is much better sources of power available right now..Whats the difference from now till then?? Nothing except the globalists are stealing Lithium from 3rd world countries to support the next fraudulent GREEN revolution...

My car and bus run on hydrogen HH0 Browns gas (water) where is the funding? where is the interest?? Its time we yellow vested the fuck out of these pedo politicians and lawmakers..

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