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Puratae Super Food Blend
"Pure Balanced Life"


What Is Puratae?

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* 60 High-quality ingredients
* 14 products in one "Super Foods"
 *Every Serve has 10 Grams of vegetable-based protein 
* Equivalent of 12 serves of fruits and vegetables 
*All of the macro & Micro Nutrients
*Multivitamin & Anti Oxidant support
* Digestive Enzyme blend of 
pree and probiotics
* 100% allergen free
* All natural formula
* No gluten, soy, dairy or nuts
* Tastes Great
*Supports detox & liver function


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Puratae FAQ

Is PURE SUPERFOOD Vegan? PURE SUPERFOOD is a blend of plant-based, highly nutrient
dense vegetable powders. It contains D3 (Cholecalciferol) - which is found in animal foods,
especially fatty fish. It is much more effective than the plant form of Vitamin D (ergocalciferol -
D2). D3 increases blood levels of Vitamin D much more efficiently then the plant-form D2.
Wonderful sources of D3 in the diet are fatty fish and egg yolks (and cod liver oil - if you can
go there .

Is PURE SUPERFOOD safe? PURE SUPERFOOD is created using the highest quality raw
materials, and is manufactured in a facility that meets or exceeds cGMP standards. Our strict
manufacturing processes, compliant with FDA standards, assure that PURE SUPERFOOD is
made to the highest of industry standards.

For more information on FDA Manufacturing standards please see:
Is PURE SUPERFOOD tested: Yes, many times. All materials, including raw, in-process, and
finished products are tested to our highest standards - making sure our potency and finished
product is the highest of quality. We then third-party test to make sure our product is clean
and free of allergens and any harmful ingredients to get our PURE seal of approval. You can
rest assured that our product is safe and the highest quality. We worry so you don’t have to.

High quality ingredients are the foundation of PURE
SUPERFOOD. Each one of our 60 ingredients was chosen for a specific reason and has
benefits proven by science. They are the most pure and potent form we can source. Simply
stated: there are no ingredients in our product for window-dressing or “fluff”. We have
carefully chosen where we farm our ingredients to insure they are the highest quality.
Because of the extensiveness of the cost not all farmers carry the Organic or GMO free stamp
- but because of our testing we know our ingredients are PURE. Paramount to us is quality,
purity, the bioavailability (how well the ingredient is absorbed in the body), and that it passes
our strict testing standards.

I’m allergic to an ingredient in your product, can I still take it? Food allergies come in all
forms and severities. Please see your Doctor to determine if our product is right for you.
I have high blood pressure. Can I take PURE SUPERFOOD with my other medications?
PURE SUPERFOOD is a wonderful and natural form of vegetable powders, vitamins, and
minerals. However, everyone’s health history is different. We suggest speaking with your

Doctor to see if PURE SUPERFOOD is right for you.
Why do you use Fructose in your product? Fructose is a natural simple sugar which is
found in fruits, honey, and vegetables. It has wonderful health advantages! There has been
severe misinformation in the media that has used “High Fructose Corn Syrup” (HFCS)
interchangeably with “Fructose” - they are not the same! HFCS is a highly processed mixture
of Fructose and Glucose (and often contains GMO’s). Table sugar (which has been bleached
and processed) is much like HFCS in it’s form - both causing a very high glycemic response!
Fructose has a VERY LOW glycemic load and DOES NOT cause a spike in blood sugar
(especially when combined with all of our vegetable powders and protein in PURE
SUPERFOOD - there will be virtually NO glycemic response with our product!). Fructose,
unlike table sugar and HFCS, has NUTRIENTS, so the body views this differently (the beauty of
using this NATURAL form of sweetener).

I am pregnant and/or nursing. Can I take PURE SUPERFOOD? All of the ingredients in
PURE SUPERFOOD are natural. However, every person and pregnancy is different. We
suggest speaking with your Doctor to find out if it’s right for you.
How much caffeine is in the product? None. PURE SUPERFOOD contains a Green Tea
extract, but that extract is standardized to Polyphenols (which are packed with antioxidants
and health benefits including improved digestion, weight management, diabetes,
neurodegenerative disease, and cardiovascular diseases). There are no standardized sources
in our formula.

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that
are found in certain foods or supplements. Prebiotics are substances that come from types of
fiber that humans can’t digest. The beneficial bacteria in your gut eat this fiber. You can think
of prebiotics as “food” for your healthy gut bacteria - which helps keep it populated and
flourishing. Consuming balanced amounts of both pre and probiotics helps to ensure you
have the right balance of these bacteria which is vital for a healthy gut and a healthy body.
Do I need to keep PURE SUPERFOOD refrigerated?

PURE SUPERFOOD contains 60
natural ingredients. Of these are pre and probiotics - which are live bacteria that feed and
keep the gut healthy. Refrigerating helps to keep them alive and most potent. If you are
using the product daily and consume within 30-60 days refrigeration is simply not necessary

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