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Auro Minerals
"The Gold Standard In water Purification"

Auro Minerals An "ionic mineral solution" derived from volcanic rocks that purifies & restructures tap water removing over 250 different contaminants including, BPA, Pesticides, Fluoride, Viruses, Bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals,. It also Remineralises the water with the full spectrum 102 bioavailable minerals.

Bioavailable minerals are the "building blocks of life" the "spark plugs to consciousness" It uses a process called coagulation & creates an "EZ" or Exclusion zone "negating all solutes" creating Structured water or 4th phase water which mimics the water in healthy cells in our bodies.

The lab tests show that drinking Auro minerals water for 30 days there was an average decrease of heavy metals in tested subjects bodies of  %47 + an increase of hydration and necessary minerals on all levels. This product carried A Nate Max Tick Of Approval.
Watch the videos below for more info.

"Nate Max"

Sydney Water Test Auro Minerals

Auro Minerals "Sydney Water Test"

Interview With Nissim Malul
"Founder Of Auro Minerals"

Black Mica Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute #facts

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