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Astrology Up dates Huge Transition

This is the endgame phase of the very necessary Separation of Worlds.

Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, which begins in 2023, heralds the winds of change that will lead to wholescale transformation.

In February 2023, Pluto activates the Anaretic Degree aka the Fate Degree – 29° to 29°59’59” - of Capricorn and prepares to move into Aquarius until 2043 with a new evolutionary remit.

This window of time - February 2023 to November 2024 - is the beginning of the end of the overriding controlling force that has ruled humanity for millennia.

In its wake, Pluto’s legacy will be the final

crumbling of the dark agenda.

"Between 2023-2026, another rare phenomenon will unfold: all three transpersonal outer planets – Pluto, Neptune and Uranus – enter new astrological signs. By 2025, they will have moved into positions that both initiate and support rapid evolutionary change. There is no Lotus Flower, without the mud from which it grows. Given that on the December Solstice 2021, a new 26,000-year Galactic Cycle began, maybe we can begin to trust that there really is hope for the world.

"2022 and 2023 will continue to escalate both the Devolving Descending and the Evolving Ascending and the mandatory Separation of the two.

Pluto’s remaining two years in Capricorn delivers the final wrecking ball, meaning that humanity, human consciousness and physical reality this year and next will be intense to say the least.

But never lose track of the fact that all this chaos and insanity is happening because it’s ending for those who’ve chosen to evolve and ending in other ways for those who have chosen to devolve.


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