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H320 Structured Energised Water

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What Is Structured water?

Some Back Ground

These whole house & portable devices energetically charge & create structured H302 water any where on earth and never need to be replaced. The vortexing patented "victor Schauberger style" technology pushes any water into the 4th Phase, energetically, charged water which neutralises all contaminates making them Inert & by creating an EZ Zone or Exclusion zone, this makes any minerals present in the water charged and "Bio-Available".  Structured water is 87% more absorbable for the human body & people are getting outstanding health benefits from drinking living energetically charged water. 
The human body does not absorb H20 it has to convert H20 into H302 (cell water) so only %18 of the normal water you drink is actually absorbed, %90 of humans are very dehydrated because of this reason. Poor health and dis-eases are connected to lack of dehydration.  So when you put "cell water" already structured and micro-clustered water into your body it doesn't need to use huge amounts of energy to convert the water into its absorbable state.
Structured water is the next phase in water purification. 

 This means your showers are now fluoride & contaminate free, the water you cook with, the water you put on the garden and every tap in the house is now structured water. Plants, animals and gardens thrive on structured water. You need much less watering and plants can grow up to 35% faster with this good water.
Bottled water, distilled water & reverse osmosis water is dead water and needs to be restructured and re-mineralised and or alkalized. This system removes all the guesswork and you never need to replace it and there is a portable handheld system so when you go to dinner, or the dog park or anywhere without good clean water you are safe, it is perfect for trips overseas because structured water kills all anaerobic material meaning its not only safe to drink but beneficial and conducive to good health.


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 Founder Clayton Nolte talks with Tanya Memme

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What Is Structured water?

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