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Hi & welcome My Name is Nate Max & I'm a world bridger, visionary and thought pioneer.

I have been helping people overcome their human limitations and boundaries on many fronts for over 8 years including, true sovereign health, emotional blockages, fear programs, trauma release, Esoteric unpackaging, Entity removal, ceremonial work and diving much deeper into aspects of the human psyche which connect us to the unseen realms.

My gift is I see how the matrix is put together and I create simple solutions to some of life's
hardest problems. I'm a Sovereign health coach, public speaker, investigative researcher, radio presenter & activist. I organise protests, run meditation classes, sound journeys, tea ceremonies, retreats, work with free energy, Structured water systems & mentor kids.

I have been merging the 2 worlds by working with shamans, natives & elders learning their medicine, supporting ceremonies & sweat lodges. I practise a combination of Shamanic modalities with deep ancient esoteric techniques,  from our ancestors like DNA Activation & Chi Energy cultivation.

I have access to some of the most profound healing 
modalities, machines and secret protocols on earth and I only work with world experts in their field. My Cutting edge team here in Australia literally has all bases covered, for any person in any condition or situation.

This is my life's work with years of study, research & life experience. I have been seeing profound results with my clients & working with many groups around Australia. I have lived a colourful life and connect deeply with people and know how to get get quickly to the core issues that need to be worked on, my passion is helping people step into their true potential (Godself) & realising how profound the human family is. Teaching those willing to Inspire by example, to live from a place of love and expansion rather than fear.

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