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After the physical death, the personality consciousness, separated from the "Physical Body&quot

After the physical death, the personality consciousness, separated from the "Physical Body" & existing in that confused state of mind, having no dense physical form, then due to "Utter Ignorance" about the established evolutionary order & still being mentally polarized in the illusory glamour of material world, even though their vital connection to their physical body has been already severed, which has thus died, thus start aimlessly hovering around their places of interest [home, work, relatives, friends etc. & earlier owned possessions, or where the dead body is buried or burned] get consciously stuck in the dense physical world, by still existing in their vital bodies, foolishly trying to stay close to the dense material world's 3 densest sub levels, which are "Air, Water, & Dense Earth". Then few days later, following the death of their physical body, the second death usually occurs to the vital body [Body Double] of personality minds consciousness, as vital consciousness of personality is still embodied in the vital energy sheath of body double, which is known as the death of the ethereal vital body. Vitally existing in their "Desire Mind misty liquid magnetic forms", which has been known to exalted conscious "SEERS & SAGES" since ancient times as the "ASTRAL BODY" & literally swim through the "LIQUID MAGNETIC FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS" of the next higher dimensional plane world known as the astral plane. In the case of "NON SPIRITUAL HUMAN BEINGS", who did not take much interest in 'spirituality' during their incarnated human lives, a certain small portion of their personality mind vital consciousness, due to their intense longing and unfulfilled desires for material worlds illusory glamour and attachments, gets stuck in their decaying vital bodies after the death of their physical bodies.

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