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Staying Present The Mental Mind Battle

Its interesting that most people don't even understand what living in the moment is, to be present is to enjoy every heart beat and every breath, just being no matter whats happening in your life or what story you have created around a series of events, being caught up in the mental mind prison which we create for ourselves. "The monkey mind"

Humans make them selves their own mind prisoners, slaves to limiting beliefs systems, cultural, religious and social programming, dogmas, putting attention (energy) to trivial matters , which may not even happen. The "im gonna do this or when i do that, once i lose some weight, when im on holidays ill relax, after i get this new job" life will be awesome" program of future orientated tunnel vision Fight or flight mode.

Literally living in future which creates anxiety or hovering in the past about the decisions we "should" have made. Getting upset over our decisions is the pinnacle of not being present in the moment, dwelling over something you can not ever change. Its obserd but most of the world's population are living with regrets, which manifests into trauma and on wards to creating disharmony in our physical body.

We live in a perception based reality, "energy flows were intention goes". If your not daily cultivating Chi energy (vital life force) you are actually slowly dying and when your awareness is always focused externally this means you are depleting your supply of life force much more quickly.

Each thing you think of during the day you are giving life to, energy flowing direct from your internal storage, the difference is everything with out a honorable intention this image wont be created its just wasted energy, so be very savvy with what your mind focuses on, catch yourself and pull your mind back. Meditation is key to being in a state of peace, clarity & oneness.

So the question begs if you cant sit quietly with no thoughts who actually controls your mind? Whos thoughts are they? Whos reality are you co creating?

This is were the rabbit hole of black magic, spelling (spell-casting) hollywood (holy-wood) television (tell-lie-vision) mind control & the ancient art of imagery creation starts to get interesting. (A post for another day)

In 2019 sit in silence and stop as often as possible, breathe deeply, relax, quiet the mind , break through the layers of bull shit and fuckery , stop worrying about every little thing . Meditate and process the unprocessed. Step into the sacred, appreciate every aspect of your life, when you eat, the fact your alive, your bed, your family, nature, the animal kingdom, the rivers and oceans this great land and focus on what you want to create with lazer like accuracy & detail, you must also have the intention and knowing its done. These are keys to creating your reality.

You either live from the energy of love or from an Energy of fear the choice is yours. Blame no one for your life.

Nate Max

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