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Human Beings were created for them to have a "Peaceful & Harmonious" existence

Human Beings were created for them to have a "Peaceful & Harmonious" existence during their short duration incarnated lives in this dense plane world, to have a non violence existence among themselves & in the animal world. Humans were given Molar Teeth like all other #vegetarian #animals"ONLY to eat plant food", & properly chew it before its consumption. Many of the "Governing Rulers & Theologians", negatively propagated among human beings the "Wrongful Behavior of Eating Animal Flesh", which further imbalanced the "conscious state" of their evolving minds & thus propagated more ruthless behavior & corrupt activities filled with animal passions in evolving humans, because it is a stated fact, which says "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT". After the consumption its "vitality" becomes a part of your evolving consciousness. Many humans of the physical plane of this Planet Earth, who have IGNORANTLY developed DEMONIC NATURE in their daily lives by Consuming FLESH & MEAT of the INNOCENT ANIMALS, as their MAIN #FOOD to support their incarnated #human forms, also have many Questions regarding the VEGETABLE KINGDOM, as in their MIND eating vegetables should be EQUALLY WRONG as the Plants being from the Creation, also have "VITAL #CONSCIOUS LIFE". These misguided people are unaware of these NATURAL FACTS, that All plants create GRAINS at the Very End of their life cycle like, the grains of wheat, corn etc formed this way. The FRUITS are thrown away from the trees as by-products having SEEDS for Regeneration. If people do not pluck them to EAT & other Vegetables of the Plant Kingdom are taken out from the earth, when they have fully grown & thus have completed their life cycle, so in fact THERE IS NO HARM DONE TO THEIR EVOLUTIONARY CYCLES BY CONSUMING THEM. The illegal sacrifice of "innocent animals" in the name of most benevolent "Most High" were deceitfully added as "gruesome rituals" by the doomed, born to exist as a so called malicious but venerable priests of the ignorant evolving humans, who in the name of religion & spirituality deceitfully added such false practices in the "religious texts" which were not at all "spiritual" but instead are totally "cruel" & "demonic". #The Global Movement

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