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When you realize Avatar was trying to teach you something about Evil Corporations Invading & des

Interesting how the movies are showing us whats happening on the multi dimensional and global scale , movies like the matrix which is literally a documentary. There are many good fractions out there doing there best to awaken the masses in their own way. Its up to us to create change with in our communities, families and friends and other net works. Don't waste much time on your immediate family just be that expression of truth and walk what you are talking, they are usually the hardest to awaken and least likely to believe what you say. So live your truth and plant seeds were ever you go. There are so many people on earth who don't yet have a voice due to poverty, enslavement and many other facets. So humans in western countries need to understand how this world works fast so we can stop the destruction of our home, save the kids who are being used in sex slavery, ritual and Pedophilia. That means you must accept whats going on here on earth, you can not bury your head in the sand and ignore the darkness. If you're not part of the solution you are the problem. Star with not giving away our energy by being triggered over trivial shit. Each time you get angry and release emotions you give energy away to the dark forces and unseen realms. Do not allow this to happen , the cosmic currency is dna and our vital life force energy. Research mark Paseo to understand what i speak off. Spend your time wisely and remember all change starts with you. The world is waking fast but we can speed this up by speaking our deepest truth and living with out fear, we must protect whats left of mother earth, literally fight for the plants, animals, rivers, oceans and all living being. Good Will Prevail ⚔️ 🗯 If you live in the USA, google: (28 U.S.C. 3002(15) If you live in Canada, google: 0000230098 🗯 Our countries we believe to be Canada, and the United States of America, are in fact CANADA INC™ and USA INC™... Owned by offshore banks... which are owned by those certain families... #Connecting_Consciousness

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