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Mind Programming Through School Education "indoctrination"

It's all about teaching you information that will make sure you always fail in the real world. Once you fail, big brother will give you more freedoms in the areas that don't count and have never counted. Maybe you need to go back to school, on the government dime, to learn more useless information. Maybe you need free medical marijuana to sedate you to your slave based reality or anti depression medications, proven to increase your depression. All free....under the state spon...sored free-dumb program. Maybe you need a free wheel chair ramp because the free government vaccines paralyzed you or your children. Maybe you need a government co-pay for day care, so you can separate from your children, so they can be schooled in information that will make them fail and have them eventually take your place in the drone bot army of smiling depressives. You're being hunted. You're being set up for perpetual failure and dependence on corrupted authority. You're being terra-formed into the dysfunctional fuel source that powers our inverted state run control grid. Protect yourself. Click this added link to listen to this teen sing a song about the exact same system. Source Jason Christoff

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