Mind Control and The Tel-lie-vision

These images describes my adventures in context when talking to mask people.

Basically people are so in fear and stress they would rather believe the information that gives them more fear and stress , rather then using their own mind or listening to any information that empowers them or challenges the perception that keeps them in their emotional state of fear.

Because their body is subliminally addicted to fear or stress, the brain takes a snap shot of this traumatic scenario eg - (media) and that will be the only reference source that co exists with their mind prison, therefore they keep watching it and believing it because it feels more congruent with their body and mind state. Subsequently this in turn does not allow them too push through the psychological barrier to look at things critically or problems solve critically , they just label it as a conspiracy theory or are in too much of a fight or flight zone to even problem solve at all…

Unfortunately the media doesn’t want their best interest, I don't think anything really valuable has come from the media at all only them shitting on people, fear, negative useless drama and the odd commercial break of zombies keen to watch my kitchen rules.

I have bumped into so many mask people along my walks in life during the scamdemic and I have always asked them the one question that leaves them open to suggestion - ‘Me : ‘’ excuse me, why are you wearing a mask ?

Mask person : ummmm because I don’t want to get sick

Me : do you know what a virus is

Mask person : 8/10 times : NO I don’t

Me So you don’t actuali know what a virus is yet you believe something you know nothing about ?

Mask person : I guess so , its something you can catch …

Me: ok, so I’m sure you know how to differentiate what a viral infection is from a bacterial infection and I’m sure you have studied the fundamentals of how immune system works … no ?

Mask person : People are catching it every where !

Me : ok, so you actually don’t know the medical premises of what covid 19 infection could be or what types of virus’s there is really because you don’t know what that ‘’ something’’ is do you ? Nor have you done any alternate research other then listen to main stream media that is funded by big Pharma on their concepts of what the virus is correct ?

So let me get this straight …

You have not done any research on the difference between a virus infection and bacteria infection to distinguish them from one another

You have not witnessed any experiments on what they are..

You don’t know how the immune system works

You have believed the first thing you have been told out of ignorance so you aren’t actually using your own mind you're just believing the first stream of information that comes into your head with out researching any other philosophies , experiments, phd’s, virologists and microbiologists to make a executive conclusive decision, so in other words some one else has made that decision for you by telling you so… its a bias closed minded decision because you actually have not undergone any open research…

Mask person : umm yeah I guess so .. but so many people are dyiyyyiinngggg .

Me : fair enough, did you see them die or any one drop to the floor spontaneously ?

Mask person : no I haven’t.

Me Ok, Have you done any due diligence on money trails and who is profiting off the information that you are watching, have you done any research on who is funding the information that you are watching ?

Mask person : no why would I do that ?

Me : So basically ,You have not witnessed any studies ,you have not done any research, you have not witnessed any experiments, you have not cross paralleled information , you have not used elimination methods, you have not studied any of the fundamentals of how the main stream came to their conclusion or questioned it , you have no idea really how the body and mind works or how the world works for that matter and no idea why you are wearing mask.You are just wearing it because you have been told to do it , furthermore you are wearing a mask and believing the very first thing you have been told without even a thought like a hobbit , am I correct ?

Mask person: Wow you are right but doctors are saying it can be caught !

Me: Who owns the information that the doctors are pushing out to the people on main stream media? ( symptoms) which arise from many bacterial and other illment causes.

Mask person : I don’t know

Me Big pharma .

Me : who is profiting off the media and the ‘’ cure’’

Mask person : I don’t know

Me : Big Pharma and conglomerates

Me: Wouldn’t it make more sense to use your own mind to find out the in-between dimension by researching all philosophies of information, all paradigms ,all the fundamentals, all narratives, follow money trails, see who is funding the information , see who is profiting off the information , what can be the reactions from that information or product of that information - with an open mind and hold them all in place as memory so you can make a intelligent decision and decipher through what is true or not, instead of coming from a place of ignorance and obedience. You can do this by cross parallel studies , elimination methods, over seeing of experiments or physically conducting through the fundamentals which then becomes wisdom and inner standing rather than understanding and ignorant guess work,.

Then you have a greater perception of reality and awareness so you can see fixed patterns happening around you as you have the information held in place to see what is bull shit and what is not to a more accurate degree …

Me : questions to ask yourself

1. How come the media doesn’t tell you how to boost your immune system?

2.How come the media tells you to do everything that threatens your immune system.( stay inside , wear mask ( lack of oxygen), and fear .

3. How come hospitals are getting found empty when they have declared many victims in them.

4. How come front line doctors are coming online saying its scam ? Then getting censored ?

5. How come the media hasn’t showed us any experiments ? On covid.

6 How come award winning professionals are getting censored , any one that opposes the narrative

7. How can live streams from china get conducted to us , isn’t china meant to be a communist closed loop of internet so western world cant see their world? Why can we see it only in the duration of covid are they trying to envision something into us for a ultimate agenda or goal ? Why all of a sudden now ?

8.Why are you scared of a 99% survival rate ‘’virus’’

9. Why wouldn’t you evolve naturally if it truely did come from a bat and they had a vaccine for a singular strain virus,how do you stop this virus evolving again as the Chinese will keep eating bats? Wouldn’t it make sense to evolve naturally with it or are they going to keep introducing vaccines out of imaginary holly wood movies on tv.

10. The diagnosed symptoms can arise from so many other free radicals, toxicity’s, flu’s, stress, fear, food poisoning. In other words it hasn’t been specified or diluted to a single cause …its a compound of many illnesses , biological interference or emotional states that have synthesised or been bluffed into these particular ‘’symptoms’’

11. How come freedom of speech is getting censored

12. How come A.I is here whilst we were locked up inside.

13. How come elite pedofiles are getting let out of jail ?

14. How come you still believe what they say ?

15. Flu shot clearly doesn’t work so why would you trust them with this?

16. How come Julian Assange that exposed pizza gate wiki leaks and Hillary Clinton , Epstein etc got thrown in jail ?

Mask person : uuuhhhhh im going to go now




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