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Climate Engineering creating the hottest forest fires on record

Geo-Engineering has been happening worldwide since the 1960s in many different forms documented and proven fact. He who controls the weather controls the world. This is covertly done through military craft and some civilian planes which are retrofitted with spray nozzles and large tanks to carry these contaminants. These planes are called "chem tankers" and usually fly in from military airports out in the ocean they come inland spray the continent with toxins and then leave. These metal particulates once disbursed into the upper atmosphere get heated up with a large antenna array called HAARP which hearts the ionosphere causing changes in the weather. There is over 250 weather modification patents & signed united nations treatings regarding weather modification. The USA was so successful at weather modification during the Vietnam war with weather warfare that the UN banned weather modification to be used during the wartime activities, but it's still allowed for "experimental purposes". This is how it's still happening and being performed on the civilians, its one big great massive experiment. So what is geoengineering? Its many things none of which are good for nature or humans. Its a military 3d global "real time" mapping of the entire planet, its a missile defence system & is being used to also connect humans with the internet of things "5g" and Artificial intelligence. The nano particulates which are being sprayed (alien tech or angelic technology) are now in our bodies and on everything on earth. These are nano RF tracking chips and they interface with the phone tower frequencies and wifi literally turning our earth into living internet. These nanomaterials which are in our bodies are capable of altering our moods with the right frequencies and is a form of mass mind control. The aluminium barium & strontium is killing off trees choking the trees from breathing and we're seeing massive forest die-offs worldwide, it's also filling up the human race with heavy metals & we are seeing massive amounts of mental problems, anxiety & depression, which are all side effect of barium. It's not a nice topic I get it, so solutions are key. We must detox the heavy metals out of our bodies and keep our gut health as strong as possible, spread awareness and hold your government s accountable most of the government people are just miss informed stupid people man have no idea about this, IT'S UP TO YOU TO TELL THEM.... NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF YOU DO NOTHING. Just the energy you create by writing a letter creates ripples in the ether and when you take action 50 other people have the same idea around the world and take action too. Focus on solutions in your meditation & make a plan of attack, this is war, this is soft kill and we are fighting for mother earth and our children

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