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Meditation your greatest tool in this life time

Meditation is the key to true inner happiness, peace and tapping into our true innate awareness. There are so many layers to this energy work from: activating DNA & soul codes, access to alternate multidimensional realities playing out, astral travel, spontaneous healing, raising the internal frequency, going into our akashic records and that's just scratching the surface. This should be the core of every person's daily ritual.

There would be no wars if people meditated and got clarity on their programs. Its a known fact that when people meditate together in groups and focus their intention onto a specific area on earth, the crime rate lowers for up to a month. Simon parks also held a global meditation and the participants focused their intention energy on "CERN" the hadron collider to shut it down or negate the energy, during the meditation a lightning bolt struck the main tower and knocked it out of action. Meditation is always the medication you are much more powerful than you think, the real question is where is your energy (Intention) focus being places?? On solutions and creating a new world that works or on the past, future and trivial shit that makes no difference to your life. Untangle your mind & free your thoughts. You are ultimately love anything else that doesn't come from that place is out side of you.

Nate Max

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