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Australias Stone Henge In Mullumbimby

Australia is an ancient land—with plenty of mystery and unexplained phenomena. Many thousands of years before any other civilisation came into being, Australia was inhabited by people who managed their ecosystem with efficiency and harmony unmatched to this day. It is suggested that this physical harmony with nature was a reflection of their greater understanding of our multidimensional reality, and of the practical knowledge that can be derived. In Mullumbimby there are also mountains that look like the great pyramids very close by to this site. This region & surrounding areas is home to Australia's highest number of unvaccinated people (maybe there is something in the water.. or maybe there is no fluoride) There is a real passion in the air for mother earth here and a very tight-knit community which are currently & successfully blocking 5g phone towers from going up. It really shows how much difference it makes when you have a strong community of like-minded people working together. The council wants to bulldoze this block and destroy the site but the local town folk won't let this happen. I wonder how many more sites are hidden all around the world which have more information about our actual origins & true history "His-Story" of mother earth.

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