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The Climate Change Hoax Starter Pack

There's lots of ways to cash in big time💰, but this sure is a funny way of doing it🤔Just trick people into thinking they're causing adverse weather events by driving their cars🚗, then charge them carbon taxes📃 :) carbon increases plant growth btw Multi trillion dollar market opens up! Whammo!.🍇

So carbon = plant food, in California they pump carbon into the green houses so the plants grows faster. There is also a documented phenomenon called carbon fertilization which is a process when a forest which is down wind from a clean coal powered plant ( by clean i mean with all the correct scrubbers and filtration units attached) & this carbon dioxide causes the forest to grow from 15%-35% faster and thicker. Co2 carbon tax is a globalist tax scam agenda 21 pushing scarcity. We need to focus on global pollution not warming. There is planetary cycles and the earth is always cooling and warming its natural NO ONE knows what the temp should be but one thing that is a fact the earth is ALWAYS COOLING & HEATING never in history EVER has the temp been stable. ▪️ 🧀🧀So how could they possibly alter the weather?😮 Quite easily tbh haha, nano sized conductive metal particles sprayed in the upper atmosphere🌫, then electroMAGNETIC frequencies from HAARP, NEXRAD etc to facilitate climate engineering ,📛 can pick up moisture, or cause droughts, both of which crank prices📈 for things like food and water, who profits when that happens?? 🤔🏛 ▪️ big money behind this, Monsanto makes aluminum resistant seeds, how'd they know to do that?🤔 ▪️ Why is there almost 400 weather modification patents?📑 Why is there United Nations weather modification treaties? ▪️ Weather impacts financial markets worldwide you control the money you control the people control the weathet control the world. ▪️ Do corporations usually spend billions of dollar developing technology over 100+ years that they don't intend to use, or profit from? Hmm . These devices are HAARP NEXRAD, GWENtowers and stratospheric injections of aerosols

You want to stop climate destruction its simple: Plant Trees Stop eating Meat and Dairy Spread Awareness about free energy LIke "Hydrogen Fuel Cells & KESHE Foundation. Dont buy products that are not sustainable Start creating Hemp Bi Products Only buy what you need have a tiny foot print ▪️ Raise awareness about this so we can expose this fraudulent agenda and bring more peace to earth:) also let it be known, it's not 10000% human influences which have developed these agendas Source-from:

My Boy Shayne Benattar @ Connecting Consciousness

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