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Grape Fruit & Its amazing ability to remove plaque in arteries

There are millions of cures and things in nature which rebalance the body back into a healthy alkaline state, free from toxins. Remember that everything in the chemist/pharmacy came from nature to begin with before it was altered, copied, synthesized and then replicated for profit. You can't patent nature so this is why the big companies always copy everything, the issue is once you copy nature its never the same again and become toxic for the body with a host of side effects which are basically just "effects" because nature is in fact perfect. This doesn't mean you can eat processed foods heaps of meat, dairy and rubbish though, its all about the dominant force, grapefruit will break up the interstitial fluid around your Lymphatic system as well. Chinese herbalism has been around for thousands of years, the Chinese know all this they have been using Healing teas & elixirs, meridian points therapy, acupuncture, chi gong plus they new to detox each quarter the specific organs in order to create balance and symbiosis in the body.

This is the yin and yang of the body (warming and cooling foods). Then you add in the chi energy, prana and cultivating vital life force energy through meditation which is essential to anyone living on earth to reach a state of true health with the mind, body spirit MEDITATION IS A MUST!!!. This is all old knowledge anyhow that has been here since the dawn of time. The question is when did we forget all of our history & information??

What happened that we literally lost our memories and now we are scrambling around trying to put all the pieces together, humans eating dairy, so much meat and food like products which basically is not even food, when we have 80000 varieties of edible plants which we could be using in every aspect of life, growing our food in the streets & in public areas, food forests instead of grass & cow farms.

Really makes one wonder what happened. The great thing is we can all do our part now to create a sustainable future there is simply no better way to give back and take action than planting trees and growing gardens. A garden is a space for love & communion where a family and friends should spend time together amongst nature & walking on mother earth. There is amazing books called "The Ringing Cedars Of Russia" which I highly recommend reading if you resonate with this post.

Nate Max

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