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Cancer the greatest medical fraud of the 21st Century

In the week I payed ANOTHER visit to the McMillan bus i spotted in the town square. The last chat was around 3 years ago. I spotted it and sat thoughtfully on a bench opposite the bus for around 5 minutes thinking about my opening question. For a while i pondered is it worth it? After a while a question that I could start the conversation off with came into my head. A very nice lady invited me in. We sat down and off I go again. " Can you tell me why cancer research uk are not putting any money into the prevention of cancer? We just seem to wait till people get cancer then you step in"? She explained a bit about the areas she thought they were doing with that.

I talked about the suppressed natural cures, cannabis oil, diet change, B17 etc etc blah blah ... I mentioned that 1,000s of people are now turning away from the conventional method of cut poison burn and going back to good old fashioned healing modalities. FOOD. I mentioned Susan Olifent who healed her inoperable liver tumour. The 2.5" liver tumour shrank within 6 weeks of diet change. Link here on how she achieved it.…/

She said a bit about cannabis oil and even mentioned about sharks and that they do get cancer. Inside I was rolling my eyes lol. To know what she was going on about, go to the cancer research uk web site. Link here. ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CAN SEE STRAIGHT THROUGH THE LIES.…/dont-believe-th…/

The bullshit they come out with is incredible. Pure Blatant lies to keep us asleep so they can continue to rake in massive profit.

At this point I changed tack and started talking about how important the gut MICROBIOME is and how that is the engine to the immune system and health and healing. I told her that everything you put in your mouth will affect your gut MICROBIOME. I mentioned everything that is killing our gut flora. Sugar, glyphosate, chemicals, chlorine in tap water, stress, GMOs medications and vaccines. I said all of these things come from the chemical pHARMecutical industries.

I mentioned vaccines are causing autism and allergies and chronic disease. I mentioned that infectious disease has been traded in for chronic disease. and I said all this has come about since the introduction of the petro chemical Corporations combining food and drug industries. I stated its a revolving door to disease and sickness. The drug industries pretend to fix us, but it just makes us worse.

I told her of the case in the USA where a man had just been awarded $269 Million dollars because the case proved that glyphosate causes cancer. I asked why is this not front page news ? And why all glyphosate products pulled from the shelves. And why are people still eating and buying food that's covered in glyphosate? All fruit and vegetables and bread are highly slaughtered in toxic chemicals. This is why cancer is up now from one in ten to one in two. I told her that doctors have got it all wrong. They don't even know how to cure acid reflux. They just give you medication to suppress the symptom. I then mentioned high cholesterol being a lie. I stopped and looked at her and said "Do you want me to tell you why it's a lie"? She said "Oh yes please do I am finding this so interesting" So now I could see she was loving the conversation. So I told her that the low fat food industry has caused the rise in heart attacks. How margarine is one molecule away from being plastic. How when we consume a lot of margarine and other processed food the arteries are then inflamed because it can't handle this unnatural food. I explained that cholesterol...... that our liver produces, then goes to the arteries to try and sooth the inflammation. I pointed out if your liver is producing cholesterol then that means our bodies need it. Your brain is made up of fats and cholesterol. This has also been a factor in Alzheimer's when you are not giving your body good essential fats. I told her all doctors do is put you on statins because that’s where the money is. They never will mention diet change. I was in there about 20 minutes.

She said "We normally get a lot of crackpots in here but you are very well informed and I have enjoyed listening to everything you have said. I thought " No their not crackpots. They know the truth" But your not listening. She said to me " I am not going to sleep tonight" I laughed and said why? She said "I am going to have all this on my mind and I am going to do some research" I laughed again and replied. I love research and I am a bit of a nerd" I said one of my favourite web sites on health is the 'Western price foundation' She jumped up and wrote it down. That was encouraging. I am glad I went in there in the end. As I finished I saw a lady come out of a private room crying. I felt so sorry for her. Cancer has touched her life. I wanted to help her. I knew I could help her more than any McMillan nurse. I am not paid to misinform her and keep the truth of natural healing from her door. Do these nurses know the truth? Some do some don't. The lady crying would have to know the truth to make change. Without it she would be lost. And most off all it would mean a complete change in all areas of her life. She would have to change her diet pronto. She would have to do lots of research in the right area. She would have to completely mis trust the medical mafia and start again. But most don't want to. They want a quick fix and to carry on what they were doing before. The very thing that gave them cancer in the first place wether it be emotional or physical. Chemo shrinks tumours yeah. But they then come back with a vengeance. Usually around 2/5 years. If you have cancer would you think a holiday to Chernobyl would be a good idea? I said that to the McMillan nurse lol. She just stared at me and didn't know what to reply. Chemotherapy has a 97% failure rate. We have been highly engineered to believe the bloody rediculous. People have stopped thinking for themselves. We are too trusting. The health of humanity has declined exponentially since the introduction of chemicals, toxins, man made viruses, heavy metals, glyphosate, GMOs ( most have no clue that are eating that) chlorine, fluoride, aluminium, antibiotics, low fat foods, vaccines MSG, heavy metals, farmed toxic fish, pumping toxins into babies. Stress is a killer. But we carry on ! All these and more are effecting the nervous system and gut MICROBIOME. We don't stand a chance............ Unless we have eyes to see and make a change.

My last share on the McMillan nurse chat had over 6,000 shares. Would be great if this could do the same. If you want change in this crazy life please feel free to share. The ones that can't see don't worry about it. Let them go their way. They will be the ones working in the medical profession, doctors, nurse or scientist. Also very strong opposers are the ones who have had chemotherapy or radiation. Fine go ahead if that’s what you feel will help you. It’s the ...... ‘ It’s our way or the highway ‘ that I am opposed too. The suppression of other modalities. The 1939 cancer act has it all tied up. They are lost and indoctrinated to believe the ludicrousness. And their wage depends on it continuing. One day they will see. The truth always reveals itself. One Answer to Cancer

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