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"Established Evolutionary Order"

The masses of evolving humanity while living upon this physical plane world passing their daily lives are mostly unconscious about the "Established Evolutionary Order", which is prevalent since creation began upon the densest physical plane world of this planet earth. Most Human Beings, having their grown up human forms & physical world's "Higher Educational Degrees", still live in their "DESIRE MINDS" like "LITTLE CHILDREN", and stay engrossed in "ILLUSORY WORLD'S PLAYFUL ACTIVITIES", during their entire incarnated lives without ever questioning the basis of their vital conscious existence & thus living in "Spiritual Ignorance", then finally meet their incarnated life's end. The Fools do not know the truth and being self willed humans under the grip of their worldly desire minds, thus waste away their important incarnated birth, as a total loss to their evolving souls, without ever figuring & finding out 'why' did they ever came in this physical plane world. Most human beings, who being ignorant about the established evolutionary order, during their short lived incarnated lives, or usually been totally devoted to "MATERIAL WORLD ACTIVITIES" & thus being devoid of 'Higher Knowledge', known as the spiritual wisdom of the established evolutionary order, thus have "NO CLUE OR UNDERSTANDING" of the 'Higher Frequency or Lower Frequency' dimensional worlds, and at the end of their physical life they get utterly confused & fearful when their animating "SILVER CORD" gets severed from the incarnated physical form, causing their incarnated body to instantly collapse & become "LIFELESS", which is known as the physical "DEATH". #TheGlobalMovement

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