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Sacred Tea Ceremony Sound Journey Sunday 4-7pm July 1 2018

Sacred Tea Ceremony Sound Journey 1/7/2018 Sunday 4pm-7pm @ Target Life Fitness Gym In peakhurst vUnit 1A 30-32 Norman st.2210 Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia This Is the first of many Sound Journeys & Tea Ceremonies that we will be hosting around Sydney in the coming months. Its a gathering of beautiful people who for a few hours will fade away from the busy Sydney hustle and bustle and be immersed in a bath of musical instruments, native drums, song, sounds, smells and take part in a sacred tea ceremony. A blend of special herbal infused teas and elixirs to which will create an environment of peace, calm and tranquillity while we take you on a musical journey far far away. We have Adrian Anteros & Izabella Florét from Pure Heart Alchemy Bringing their incredible mists and ground sprays and musical talents along with Ben Borg & Teal Soul who will be hosting this event so this will be a full house of familiar faces, family and friends.

There will also be a deep discussion during the night about ways we as humans can become better versions of our selves and openly talk about what we are facing in our lives at the moment. This event will be something not to be missed and a lovely experince for all ages, the best way to finish off a weekend in peace and calm. You will need: * A yoga mat or rug, something to lay on unless you are ok laying on the carpeted floor * A blanket for warmth * A cushion to sit on during the 15 mins of meditation which we will begin with "unless you are comfortable sitting on the floor" *Entry Is $40 please bring correct cash if possible we will have card facilities.

Please tell your friends and family who would resonate with this event so we can start doing this on a more regular basis in Sydney. Plenty of Parking in the street if you need a life from the station post a comment in the comments and im sure someone can help you car pool. The Ground Crew Meditation page:

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