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The First Cosmic Cycle

During the first #Cosmic #Cycle which was established in a very #ancient remote time period, which is hard to explain in human time frame terms for understanding purposes; the energies utilizing the first artery, which came in existence simultaneously due to the unhindered counter clock spiral energy flow of the first Supreme electric "Will" [cosmic fire] further required polarity integration also in a triad relationship as the two solar constellation systems being negative & positive & one solar constellation system being the apex acting as the harmonizer. This cycle created the flow of the first Supreme "#Electric #Will" of the supreme logos, providing the vitality required for the animation of #consciousness in these three super cosmic energy centers [cosmic fire]. Later on during the second Cosmic Cycle, which started at the end of the first #Cosmiccycle after a brief period of so called rest, the energies of the second Supreme Electric "Will" start moving spirally in counter clockwise direction in an unhindered fashion of energy flow, simultaneously creating the second cosmic line of least resistance required for the #animation of #consciousness. Then at the end the third Cosmic Cycle again follows the same synthesizing cycle as the previous two. This established cosmic #pattern is then followed as a reflected #conscious pattern in a #microway upon each one of the seven Solar constellation centers. In our own Solar system existing in the Cosmic Physical Plane, which more or less existed in the nebulae evolutionary conditions causing the #formation of #seven solar planes, of which the 3 planes [3 creator logos] were having the line of least resistance through an energy triad relationship, through governance of dark fire, which are the solar planes of #Spiritual, #Mental, & vital / physical planes. The 2nd electric "Will" energy flow depicting the #love & #wisdom aspect are known as Archetype, Intuitional or Wisdom, & Astral. Cosmic Cycles

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