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Solar #Universe manifested energy body of vital consciousness

In our manifested Solar Universe & upon this planet #Earth, which is an integral part of it existing as an energy distribution center or a ‘Live Organ’ of the Huge Solar #Universe manifested energy body of vital consciousness, these Magical Instruments were supposed to be used as Various “Talisman & Amulets” for the #protective purposes against the numerous “Ills & Diseases” of vital consciousness, which may spring up due to the #imbalance #of #energyrelationship in this grand experiment of “polarity Integration” known as the harmonization of various Negative [#Matter] & Positive [#Spirit] aspects, which in the 3 dense planes [#Mental, #Astral, & #Vital/#Physical] are generalized as the #Masculine & #Feminine aspects, just like the continuation of balanced life of incarnated #male#female animated forms of the various kingdoms who are evolving in the dense physical plane of this planet earth to acquire their material plane experiences through a solid dense form.

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