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Patented Disease, Designed and Created for your family Creating Fear and medical Tyranny.

Swine flu, bird flu, Zika , Ebola, Anthrax each year a new bull shit created patented "pandemic threat" with Bill Gates who is nothing but a computer nerd , globalist, Eugenecist obsessed with depopulation. (He openly said in an interview "with a good vaccine we could lower the world's population by %15) He is always on Tv Waving the already created, stocked and ready to go cure in the form of a vaccine which in fact contains the virus to actually spread the disease. Just like when the people of Sierra Leone were killing off the red cross workers out of Africa because they were contracting the Ebola virus after taking the Ebola vaccine. #fact

It takes years to create, test, produce and stock a new vaccine yet Mr Gates the dirty shit bag just happens to have factories full of the apparent vaccine ready to roll out worldwide a week after each "Pandemic"

... Gee how convenient.. Conspiracy 😅😅

India , Mexico and many other counties are suing Bill gates due to finding sterility agents in the vaccines , not to mention the 100s of 1000s of people mutilated from the many bad vaccines like, MMR & Gardasil (which is banned in most countries) but of course not Australia or America we vaccinate pregnant women now 😅😅😅 . The polio vaccine which 90 million Americans were injected with live SV40 time release cancer cells , Tetanus which was found to have sterility agents in it, vitamin k and your normal flu shot all poison and a seasonal money making scam, driven by the Jesuit run propaganda media..

Half a million troops were injected with the anthrax vaccine which had terrible side effects including many deaths whole wings of nurses and doctors left their jobs due to seeing the horrible side effects, on average 1 in 10 soldiers copped it with bad lifelong reactions.

Why were they injected with Anthrax?? Because the puppet master army of Pedos have been searching for the "Lazerith Gene" or "Immortal cells" to try recreate to live forever.. The blood ritual only sustains life for so long till you end up looking like Bill Clinton a walking soulless dead corpse.

If you can't see a problem here you might as well have a bath and throw the toaster in..

It's not rocket science..

Nate Max ""

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