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Soulless Corporate Elite "Entities"

"The Guilty Soulless Mind set" All those corrupt soulless corporate entities’’, who have established falsely in the name of ‘’technological evolution’’ upon this planet earth, by making everyone more of a ‘’materialistic desire mind’’, have thus willfully backstabbed the creator – observer, and they did such wrong action due to their corrupt mind consciousness, which is totally full of egoistic FALSE PRIDE and unquenchable GREED to ILLEGALLY control all those "Innocent Masses of Evolving Entities & Beings", who being Ignorant of Established Evolutionary Order, totally depend upon their attained valuable guidance. They thus willfully going against the ‘’Written Holy Scriptures’’ have slowly created their wide spread Conspiracy to mostly promote those ‘’misfit life existences’’ to higher ranks of evolving society, who were unworthy of these higher conscious levels but who willfully agreed to aid them in their corrupt and deceitful agendas, by sitting upon the high positions of society indulged themselves in illegal and corrupt activities, but being continuously tormented by their ‘’inner consciousness’’ knowing ‘’full well’’ that they are ‘’doing wrong’’ according to their undeniable written down ‘’righteous and spiritual scriptures’’. They also have a true longing and admiration for the peace and harmony, which they want to achieve through their undue illegal means of corruption, which is totally impossible, because anything illegally or deceitfully achieved in any cosmic plane or its sub plane dimension, against the universal law of ‘’will to do good’’, through corrupt ways and means, create the unbalanced state of ‘’evolutionary vital energy consciousness’’, which become an hindrance to the balance providing polarity integration, which is an divine attribute of the ineffable universal law of will to do good. In broader sense, this ineffable Universal Law of Will To Do Good, create various mathematical polarity relationships through the use of frequency differentiation's, which exist between various interpenetrating manifested sub planes, which were observed in ancient times by the exalted conscious seers as the "geometry configurations" having various permutations and combinations. CORPORATE FASCISM - The Destruction of America's Middle Class

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