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Who Owns Your Straw Man??

Since the early 1960s, State governments have issued Birth Certificates to "persons" with legal fictional names using "ALL CAPS" names. This is not a lawful record of your physical birth, but rather the acknowledgement of the "birth" of the juristic, all-caps name. It may appear to be your true name, but since no proper name is ever written in all caps (either lawfully or grammatically) it does not identify who you are. The Birth Certificate is the government's self-created document of title for its new property -- you and me! In a way, it makes us a kind of corporation whose company name is the same as our real name, but written in ALL CAPS. This "corporation" then generates taxes and wealth over its lifetime and in this way repays the collateral that Uncle Sam borrowed from the Federal Reserve. 🗯 Go and read all about the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the human race here; 🗯 ALL countries with central banks have this same issue! And all these central banks are owned by one small handful of families, NOT the respective countries! So, we are considered a commodity, if that's not bad enough, but not even by or own country? Instead by some dustbag royal family which think they can tell other humans what to do, and think they have more rights than the rest of us. At the very essence of that is BS. 🗯 Keep researching folks truth is stranger than fiction. And mind ya business! Lol #Connecting_Consciousness

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