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One Small Step: A Win For Medical Freedom; Vaccine Bills Defeated

#Medicalfreedom and #humanrights won when four vaccine bills were defeated. With the concerted efforts of #grassrootsactivists and #independentmedia, all four anti-freedom bills have been officially withdrawn and defeated. Not long ago, The Daily Sheeple reported that #Florida state was seeking to mandate vaccinations of all school children with the horribly ineffective and dangerous #HPVvaccine. According to Green Med Info, the two identical bills submitted to the Florida Senate and the House of Representatives in January mandating HPV vaccines for school children have been defeated. Two other bills released the same month which would have forced those who opt out of vaccines for their children to be entered into a centralized database which would track their whereabouts (and make possible State-mandated “home visits” to coerce and force vaccine compliance), have also been withdrawn from the Florida Senate and House. All four bills were permanently withdrawn on 3/10/2018. It was The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) that first alerted a small but growing group of activists and health freedom-loving citizens in Florida to the impending threat. Floridians for Medical Freedom lead the charge by organizing representation at the state capital. You can read more about the history of these bills in our previous reports here: Urgent Action Required: Stop Forced HPV Vaccines for Florida’s KidsACTION ALERT: Oppose Unconstitutional State Forced Vaccine Tracking of Your Family – OPPOSE #SB1680 and #HB1045 (FL) With the help and courageous efforts of independent media organizations and leading activists, including GreenMedInfo, NaturalNews, Kelly Brogan, MD, Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and others too many to name, national attention was cast on these bills, including research that was published in the #American Journal of Public Health showing that [vaccine manufacturer] #Merck has been manipulating the legislative process via lobbying and other methods to mandate the use of their products. As many statist continue to condemn those who don’t vaccinate as “conspiracy theorists” who practice “pseudoscience,” the evidence continues to pill in on the side of the “anti-vaxxers.” Not only has herd immunity been proven to be junk science, but vaccine manufacturers are literally lobbying to force people to inject themselves and their children with known toxins.This a small win for medical freedom. Freedom_Faction

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