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Australian Testra Worker Dirves His Armoured Personnel Carrier into Phone Towers.

Meet Australian John Patterson who Drove his armoured personnel carrier in the streets and knocked down the Harmful GWEN / Phone towers. Patterson worked at Telstra "phone company" and tested Telstra's digital systems for 25+ years. Over the time he realized the very real dangers of electromagnetic radiation. When he got moved to a new facility in between two towers, he got all his equipment out and measured the frequencies. With undeniable proof of the occupational hazard of working in the building, his higher-ups let him go, which he claims is pretty much what happens when someone in the industry realizes how dangerous they are.

When Patterson realized that these Phone / GWEN towers which he helped put up were killing humans and de generating the DNA of all living things, he decided to take matters into his own hands and drive his armoured personal carrier on the streets and smash them down which amounted to 6 million dollars worth of damage. Its time the the public knew what these towers are actually doing and how they are connected with a much bigger Agenda including: A.I., Mind control, Weather Modification, MK Ultra, Targeted Individuals and the slow killing off of the Population "soft kill / Agenda 2030" . If the masses new humans would take to the street and rip these things to the ground over night. Patterson said "People within the industry have purposely misinformed all of the relevant authorities, so that not much can be done without a large public uprising about it"

The level of EMF that is being emitted from these towers is calculated like this: Each square panel you see on the sides = 300 microwave ovens which can project for 5-10+ miles. Most towers have 12+ panels so you do the maths.

12x300=3600 microwaves blasting you non stop day and night with proven harmful EMF. Plants don't grow well near these panels , humans get hyper Accelerated diseases, depression, tiredness and hundreds of other health defects puting the immune system into fight or flight mode 24/7. This kills the nervous system, making dna telomeres brake off much quicker and rather than the body using the energy to heal and regenerate its being used to protect and fight the harmful emf.

For farmers out there or people who have large properties when Telstra comes knocking on your door with a too good to be true offer like well pay you $180k per year to put a tower in your land tell them to FUCK OFF. You are selling your Soul and signing a death warrant to your neighbour,s in 10km radius Not only are you killing your family and all living things around, you are actually de generating the DNA of your grandchildren,s children,s children. Yes this generational and DNA goes beyond 7 generations. You are also opening your land up to be messed with by the weather modification and targetted individual programs running to this day. Video below

Connecting_Consciousness / Nate Max TV

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