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3 Years Off-Grid Living In a 1960 Bedford

I have been living in my bus completely off grid self sustainable for over 3 years now. Living as free as one can live in a prison planet. I have not worked a 9-5 job in 6 years and have changed, inspired and motivated hundreds if not 1000s of people into living a better life. Cured people from disease and smashed my worst critics to bits. Finally the world is waking up, I'm meeting so many awakened legends living with their hearts on their sleeves which is filling my heart.

People said what are you doing living in a bus? But infact i do it in comfort, style with my beautiful dog. Minus rent, bills and being stuck in a city blasted with phone towers wifi and the usual bull shit that prevents us from accessing our higher soul code genetics.

It frees me up and gives me back my time "one thing you can never buy back" to co create ways to help the planet & humans . It gives me time to manifest dreams and think up ideas that could potentially change the future : like my hydrogen HH0 set up currently running on my car and bus which means i run my car and bus on water. Yes thats right im using water to power my operation. This is old technology that was being used back in the 1900s Stanley meyer brought out a water powered car in 1960 and was poisoned of by the oil companies. Fuck you to all the people who questioned my machines my motivation and my passion im right it works you were wrong..

The real concern is if i can save 40% on my fuel bulls then why is every car , truck ,plane, boat , not using this tech... Really have a think why... its not rocket science. The dirty dogs that live in saudi arabia and the oil companies, the top globalist pigs like the Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, the Clintons, du ponts, bayer or (the bush administration) a bunch of satanic pedos, all the grubs are drip feeding us 100+ year old technology.

Now we have ekon musk the fake billionair pushing lithium batteries and putting pretend videos of a tesla car in space, what a load of fucking shit that is. Good luck getting though the firmament.

We had people in the 1900s like Wernher von Braun , nikola tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Wilhelm Reich, massive minds who were working on zero point, tortion feild, magnetic plazma , cold fusion and wireless orgone energy which could have powered the entire world for free.. What happened to this tech??

Tesla would be rolling in his grave knowing his name is attached to old out dated lithium batteries. The nazis were using anti gravity in the 1930s the 3rd Reich... but today we charge our phones which have more technology in them than the b.s nasa space rockets off coal and electricity. Haha oh the humour in it.

What the fuck guys really are we buying into this primitave shit?

Wake up people before we have no planet left. Everything you believed was a lie..

Nate Max 😂

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