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Yes Doctor I'm Up To Date With My Vaccines!

The Latest Flue pandemic scam.. Another big pharma fear campaign scaring people into injecting them selves with cancer causing pathogens "de population". I have not had a cold, flue, sniffle, virus or anything in 13+ years why? Because i detox... The flue is the human bodys natural way of cleaning its self. Raising the temperature to kill of bacteria in the body "a temperature" is normal, natural ways of detoxing different parts of the body like mucus, sniffy nose, diarrhea, coughing up flem, rashes even tumours which are "the body's natural toxin containment unit" is all simply HOUSE CLEANING because internally your a dirty bastard. You have not cleaned your organs, lymphatic system, bowels, blood, mind EVER!!!!

The accumulation of toxins over your life is prolific most humans have thrashed their bodies & have no clue what healthy eating means. The car gets regular services, you up date your computer, service the pool , service the air conditioner, goto the gym and take selfies of your external self in the mirror yet your inner vessle, the skin suite you live in gets nothing but toxic degenerating substances thrown at it since day dot. Blasted with vaccines apon birth "welcome to earth little mofo" Fluoride toxic water half your life, shitty processed food, heavy metals, sugar, meat, dairy, drugs, alcohol, with & environmental factors and purpose built systems like, wifi "wifry" emf , microwaves, geo engineering the list goes on, no wonder everyone is sick and dying and yes its all part of agenda 2030 "soft kill"

Then the stupid little brainwashed doctors or "Rockerfella big pharma drug dealing poison maker puppets" give you zero advice on nutrition & detoxing the most important things ever, infact they lie to you saying oh "its just genetic" its nothing to do with food haha FFS.. Well ill tell you right now 90% of the issues are due to "genetic eating patterns" what your fat little fingers are putting in your gobblet you have the same diseases "dis-ease" as your parents because you ate the same garbage and did no house cleaning, no fasting zero, nothing.

No one with any brains vaccinates their children, anyone who is pro vaccines is in one of these categories.

1. Watches & belives main stream TV 2. Has not researched 3. Watches Tv & has not researched 😀

Its that simple its says on the vaccine insert it doesnt even work it literally states it. It also shows you all the pages of toxic shit, adjuvents, preservatives, heavy metals and so much more that is hidden in them you will never know about. But "Bill gates knows the sick eugenicist pedo scum"

Its 2018 time to take your health into your own hands seriously people its not rocket science. Good organic whole food, clean structured water, sun shine lots of it, regular detoxing, exercise, meditation an alkaline mind is just a start and please dont throw your kids on the sacrificial alter due to your ignorance..

The longer the shelf life the shorter your life..

Nate Max

Please share! Investigative Researcher, Thought Pioneer, Visionary, Educator

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