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Intention Based Holographic Reality

When the INTENTION is TRUE it is as ONE. There is only one way forward and that is together as one and yes it can be done. First the hatred must come undone, the false pride must peel away for the blackened lies that truly are underneath, the ones used to manipulate and control the mind, filling it and filling it and filling it with poison each & every day. It is ONE or NONE. There is only ONE universal law, WILL TO DO GOOD, everything else is universal mandates & regulations like “As Above, So Below”. Higher frequencies always consume lower frequencies as a fact of science so than every action receives an EQUAL OR GREATER reaction

Your time of decay may be far but it will surely come. None are exempt from this EQUAL #destiny. When the last one perishes, the memory shall become myth. “WHEN YOU MAKE THE TWO ONE, WHEN YOU MAKE THE INNER AS OUTER AND THE OUTER AS INNER– THEN SHALL YOU ENTER.” Sometimes just giving thanks for the mystery of it all brings everything & everyone closer, the way a FORCE pulls streams of water together.

Breathe deeply, inhale with gratitude & exhale what remains in the way. The art of balance is the rhythm inside & out.

In ancient times the SEERS & SAGES said an incarnated human being has more than one body. The physical we know…maybe too well. The others have been long forgotten in the annals of history, but known well to the SEEKER of TRUTH. 1/4” from the body extends what the eastern theologies called QI or CHI force, which is the vital energy animating body known as KA in ancient Khem [Egypt]. The ancient Greeks, whose principles the western Republic of the United States of America was established, always stated there were two minds. A “Lower Mind” based upon liquid magnetic animalistic passions & materialistic desires of the illusory, controlling through the emotional & sentimental impulsed “FEELINGS” which are polarized to the “Higher Mind,” based upon the gaseous electric Thought & Reason aspect of “MIND” personality consciousness. Both are INVISIBLE, but truly REALITY for every #HUMAN BEING upon this planet EARTH. When aligned as HEART & MIND, light can shine through. These two aspects are the ladder of conscious action based upon WILL, the will power to do according to the UNIVERSAL LAW, which based on the established evolutionary plan, is the “WILL TO DO GOOD”. The “SACRED HEART” was taught since #ancient times by the teachers of #RIGHTEOUSNESS in all faiths, colors, and creeds, all with the SAME MESSAGE OF #LOVE, all the same #conscious incarnation. One can parade around with zeal or in false pride of One’s group, but if One doesn’t act righteously & true, its all dripping paint from an illusory picture frame. The Will #Force is the Force to DO GOOD, ignore it, polarize to NOTHINGNESS, or to DO WRONG. The #Choice is up to you. The Global Movement

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