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Grounding The Energies Connecting to “The Great Spirit” Creator Of All

The few left behind were taught the ways of the forest & to remember the ‘Great Spirit’ creator of all. The /react-text #spirit react-text: 41 lives in the rocks & the forests, the rivers & mountains. It whispers in the trees. The /react-text #hearts react-text: 43 of people were formed of the /react-text #earth react-text: 45 from these ancient lands we walk upon. If we listen carefully, with good heart, wisdom may teach our nations there is still much to learn. Our people are ebbing away like a rapidly receding tide that will never return.

Do not subscribe to any of the tenants of racism. It’s not a case of good or bad, black or whites. It’s a case of being good or bad human beings. Day and Night can not dwell together. Tribe follows tribe as nation follows nation. Like the waves of the sea, it is the order of /react-text #nature react-text: 47 . As /react-text #water react-text: 49 smoothes stone and enters sand, each become each other.

What we’ve thought sets us apart, in fact binds us together. It was good for the skin to touch earth and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth instead of propping oneself up and way from ‘life giving forces’. Today we call this simple act of connection ‘ /react-text #grounding react-text: 51 ’, which even NASA has declared having remarkable health benefits. For thousands of years people all around the world once intuitionally knew this and have always had a connection to the planet. An entire day would be spent in the fields with the crops for harvesting, setting up the coals to burn which took hours, and more time to prepare and serve it.

If you didn’t sit down with the tribe and eat, you would not eat. There were no refrigerators or instant microwave heaters. This was the balance of man and woman until the modern era of industrialism and globalization which ultimately turned on the everyday ‘people’ as a collective. People run about on their phones, clicking, texting, reading, multitasking all in their rubber soled shoes, on concrete walkways, in cars with rubber tires, high above in piercing glass skyscrapers as far away from earth as one can get. Many eat filth without understanding since convience is king in an uneducated mass hypnosis. If there’s no soul there’s nothing but empty black holes for windows. This is the root. It’s easy to fall in line like soulless drone programs. The Global Movement

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