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The CIA Currently Has 137 Different Artificial Intelligence Projects

Dawn C. Meyerriecks, the CIA Deputy Director for Technology Development, said recently, the CIA currently has 137 different Artificial Intelligence Projects, many of them with developers in Silicon Valley. These range from trying to predict significant "Future Events", by finding correlations in data shifts and other evidence, to having computers tag objects or individuals in video that can draw the attention of Intelligence Analysts. Note: Social media is also used in findin...g useful patterns regarding Intelligence as pointed out by Joseph Gartin, Head of the CIA's Kent School, which teaches Intelligence Analysis. In that example, Artificial Intelligence based computing can pick out key words and names but also find patterns in data and correlations to other events and, continually improve on that pattern finding. Human behavior is data and A.I. is data model. It was during the early 1960s that the CIA handed out thousands of LSD tabs among the youth in San Francisco to activate more brain power which gave birth to the New Age of Computer Science. Say a big hello to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. My job was to cut a deal with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love for the LSD. Here comes the Beatles and America gets a boost into another reality. JFK fakes his death and goes into hiding. Should I write more about this subject today? Who wants to know? Bitcoin was created by the CIA and we're doing away with Fiat Currency. Comprehensive series Psy Ops A.I. Tyler


Michael Kavaganah

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